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WooHoo is a Shopify app that allows e-commerce sites to add mini-games to their sites. 


The Idea behind woohoo was how can we give potential customers the incentive to subscribe to the e-commerce site email list and to gain more sales.


We came up with Woohoo, using gamification is a great way to create a feeling of winning a coupon compared to regular subscribe pop-up that just asks to subscribe.


The visitor wins a coupon and the site owner wins potential customers.


We decided to create a platform allow e-commerce site to select from different games types and customize it to their needs and site design  

Create a Game


When design this screen the principle was:

  • WYSIWYG- what you see is what you get

  • Easy - make it simple as possible

  • the Create process should be fun

  • Clean- the game is the focus 

Website Design

Marketing Video

5 of 5 stars

The results


+3000 apps installed



(Based on 296 reviews)


We saw great conversion results compare to normally subscribe pop-ups.


The average subscriber pop up is up to 3% and with Woohoo we saw an average of 8% and sites that even reach 40%+ conversion rates 


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