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What are Wix insights?

Simple and easy tool to learn about your site and blog traffic 
Learn about the people who visit your site, see where visitors come from, your most popular pages & more, and get amazing insights and stats to help you build your site and improve it.

Challenges and problems

The analytical tool is hard to digest for “simple users” ( people that are not tech-savvy) and the common problem is “OK, I see the data and I have no idea what to do with it”.
We wanted to create a product that is easy to understand and very useful to all users types. 

What is out there?


I stared my process by checking what is out there and see how they show data to users. Some tools are very heavy like google analytics and some are very simple like dribble analytics.
We wanted to create simple tools that give a lot of value. 


Choosing a direction


For the design direction I decided to go with stats cards, each card will focus on different statistics and the insights that are related to it.


Did some quick wireframes in Sketch 

Orders 32 Copy 9.png
Site Traffic Copy 2.png
home stats.png

Hi-fidelity design (Based on Wix design system) 

Website Design

2019-07-25 22.27.37.gif

Insights illustrations



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