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UX // Design  // 2013-2016

Complete redesign and rethinking blog platform at Wix


Wix blog manager

WixBlog 1.0

This is where we started - this version was done by developers without Ux and was very limited .


The blog included 3 main parts that We need to take care of:

  • Blog Manager (backoffice) - the place you mange your posts

  • Post Editor - Where  you write the post itself 

  • Viewer- where you see the post inside your Wix site with real colors and fonts 

Some Users Quotes


“Wow I had no idea you couldn't add multiple images to the blog post - I wish i hadn't upgraded to premium account the other day” 

Angry user one

“I would like to cancel my premium membership. Could you please let me how many days I have available to release myself from the agreement. I have just found out you do not allow more than one photo per blog article. “

Angry user two


And many many more...

We needed a BIG change...

We started the research
Competitors analysis

To be the best you have to learn from the best. So we sign up to all or competitors from website builder that offer blogging platform to stand alone blogging site like tumbler or medium. And even word processor like word and google docs. 

We wrote for each one is strength and weakness and compare the 

different between them.

Blogging Personas

We tried to find out who is Wix blog User, from the kid that share cat videos on is blog to the Work at home mom that share cooking tips on her Wix blog. We tried to define the different personas 

according to their different needs. 


User interviews

One of the first things that we did was to talk with our blogging experts inside Wix understand their needs, goals, What is their favorite way to blog, what they like about it and hate... And more questions.

This was a big part of the process .



One Year Later...
(After wireframes,  Axure prototype, design tryouts  UX adjustments and a lot of hours of QA)


WixBlog 2.0

UX // Design  // 2013-2016

Wix blog manager
Wix post editor

Some Ui Elements 

Text tool bar 

Tag drop down

Change post date

WixBlog 2.1

Align to Wix design system 


Thank for watching

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